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Comprehensive Video Series Showing:
  • Three Key Factors To A Healthy Menopause...
    Why are some women able to manage their weight during menopause while others struggle? Why do some women feel good during the change while others feel down or moody? And why do some menopausal women have energy while others feel sluggish and lack motivation?

    If any of these sounds familiar, know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. With these 3 Key Factors you'll be informed and empowered so you can look forward to what's coming up next in life.

  • Why Eating Until You Get Full Can Help You Get Your Weight Under Control
    Menopause can hit hard. And there are so many changes that affect "that number we see on the scale." We don't know what to expect or how to get through it especially when the same exercises we've been doing before all of a sudden doesn't seem to have any effect AT ALL!

    I'll let you in on a secret: It's about WHAT you eat. You'll learn One Simple Nutrition Habit which will help you get results PLUS an easy, healthy 5 Day Snack Plan You Can Make Right Now.

  • The ONE THING That Will Make a Difference to Start Feeling Like Yourself Again
    Menopause affects your body, mind, relationships, work, and your OVERALL REALITY! Most women aren't prepared for it. But you can't fall victim to believing your life is out of your control, no matter how tempting it may be. You'll be glad to see how simple this important step is in finding the energy and motivation you're missing.

  • 8 Tools That Will Help You Break Free From The Prison of Not Getting Enough Sleep
    Sleep is the most underrated yet powerful force that our body needs. Consequently, poor sleep quality is associated with weight gain and unstable moods.

    For some, it may not be easy to cut the caffeine but with these painless tips, you'll learn ways to relax and improve your sleeping habits.

  • The Game Changer: 5 Steps to a Major Positive Shift in Your Life
    Making positive change in your life is not easy. Trust me, I've been there too. But it's time to stop the inner critic's doubts, judgments, and chatter which says you aren't good enough. I'll teach you the five easy steps that will give you a whole new way of looking at your thoughts and turn your critic into your biggest cheerleader.
  • And Much, Much, More!
Menopause Workshop
About Dr. Michelle Gordon

I'm Dr. G—I'm the Founder of The Menopause Movement, The MENO System, and host of the Menopause Movement Podcast.

When menopause arrived for me, I desperately needed support and guidance. I thought I was unwillingly initiated into this mysterious and terrible secret society. I wasn't prepared for it. At all.

"Why didn't anyone tell me how bad it could get?"

"Why didn't the doctors have an easy solution?"

These were some of the frustrations I had when I was in MENO-misery...

I felt like nobody could help me and there was no real fix to the symptoms that were draining the quality of my life.

So I did something about it and here's what happened...
✔ I lost 50 pounds and I'm still counting.
✔ I began sleeping through the night again.
✔ I found a new and amazing sense of confidence and self-acceptance.
✔ My emotions and moods stabilized.
✔ I became almost totally symptom-free

And as a result... everything in my life from relationships to my career felt upgraded and improved.

But. None of this happened overnight!

This is why I started the Menopause Movement.

It's a community of women flourishing through menopause (and life) the MENO-Mate way.

I also developed The MENO System to show you everything you need to know to manage your menopause.

To help take away the mystery of menopause, I wrote: Managing Menopause: The Ultimate Menopause Guidebook.

And to show women how to eat to support menopause, I wrote Menopause Movement: Recipes For Living with Chef Cassandra Cotoia. 

I know you don't want to stay in MENO-misery.

And this is why it's my mission to help YOU see menopause as the best time of your life.

I'm looking forward to sharing this workshop with you.

Just click the button to join in at NO COST to you!

Dr. Michelle Gordon
Managing Menopause: The Ultimate Menopause Guidebook
Menopause Movement: Recipes For Living with Chef Cassandra Cotoia.
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