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The Business We Are Really In

We are in the business of providing world-class transformational education to women who are suffering from the symptoms and effects of menopause while building a robust and supportive community that provides support long-term.

The Menopause Movement Primary Question

How can I ease the suffering of our clients and teammates right now?

The Menopause Movement Vision

The content in The Menopause Movement, along with group coaching and the community is transforming the lives of its members. All of the women who join The Menopause Movement want to be a part of it and they fully understand that their commitment is to do the work. Every member finds the content of the program life-changing and valuable. The community is a resource that lifts them up.

We provide world-class coaching for women who want results. Our coaching clients are able to achieve the following: 

  • Find your purpose
  • Increase self-efficacy, self-understanding, and self-love
  • Start your business
  • Grow your business
  • And much, much more

Every one of our coaching clients get the results she wants in her life and business when she does the work. The Menopause Movement has THE BEST coaching and transformational content for women in midlife available anywhere.

The Menopause Movement hires from within. We are able to tap into the individual and collective genius of the community to help women transform their lives.

We are excited to witness the breakthroughs of our clients as they discover more and more their responsibility in the creation of their lives.

The Menopause Movement is happy to support Studio Samuel in its mission of empowering girls for leadership in Ethiopia and helping these girls see options other than marriage at a very young age or prostitution.

The Menopause Movement exists to help women see menopause as nothing more than a blip, or a phase in their life and the privilege of a long life.

All of us at The Menopause Movement are living our lives on purpose. We live with the values of radical responsibility, integrity, and self-empowerment.

Join us and find the power to create a life you LOVE.

The Menopause Movement Code of Conduct

Radical Responsibility

  • I am 100% responsible for all of my outcomes.

Honesty and Integrity

  • We are all here to support each other.
  • We are not here for personal gain.

No Solicitation

  • As a member of The Menopause Movement, I will not use this platform and any relationships I create as a result of The Menopause Movement to promote my personal business.


  • No back-channel communications:
    This means no private chats with The Menopause Movement leadership outside of formal channels.
  • Communicate in the Forum, the Facebook group, or via email.
  • You are likely to make some very deep friendships as a result of this program.
  • Post your problems/concerns in the Forum or the Facebook group because you never know who else may be going through the same thing.
  • We all can learn from each other.

Open To Feedback

  • If you have suggestions for improvement, bring them to Dr. G or any of the coaches.

Safe Space

  • The Menopause Movement is a safe space to work through your issues.
  • If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the way another member is talking to you, it is your responsibility to bring it to Dr. G or The Menopause Movement leadership.
The Ultimate Menopause Guidebook
Menopause is more than just the end of our child-bearing years. Menopause is a journey—one for which many of us arrive unprepared and surprised.

In this book, Dr Michelle Gordon removes the veil of secrecy around menopause. She talks about the physiology, the psychology, and what it all means. She addresses many of the symptoms and possible treatments. And she also intersperses anecdotes and stories from real menopausal women... women just like you!

If you can't remember where that whatchamacallit is... If you feel like your face is on fire... If you go from wanting to kill someone to owning the world in minutes... Or if you feel like an alien has taken over your body...

This book is for you!

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No one can maintain a super-restrictive diet forever. In our world, we play hard and we eat well. The point is, we are living our lives. No one feels deprived or left out... and that's the point.

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Empowering Girls For Leadership In Ethiopia
The Menopause Movement is happy to support Studio Samuel in its mission of empowering girls for leadership in Ethiopia and helping them see options other than marriage at a very young age or prostitution. Have a look at how Studio Samuel is helping these beautiful girls create a different future...
Learn more about Studio Samuel and their two year life skills curriculum, Training for Tomorrow.
Students in the 9-12 year old class work with their instructor. Girls learn basic computer skills while preparing for their computer programming curriculum. 
Take a peek inside a tutoring session with the under 12 year old class preparing for a math test. 
Take a peek inside a martial arts class as the students work to get to their next belt level.
To view more of the Training for Tomorrow series, highlighting Studio Samuel's life skills curriculum from their training center in Ethiopia, subscribe to their Youtube channel.  To learn more about Studio Samuel, visit:
​Michelle E. Gordon, D.O., FACOS, FACS
Board Certified General Surgeon | Founder, The Menopause Movement.

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