Menopause Movement: Recipes for Living (Book)
Get 50+ mouth-watering recipes made to help you feel like yourself again

Menopause represents a huge change in your life. 

You can manage some of your symptoms with the way you eat. Unfortunately, the foods you choose can sometimes trigger your menopause symptoms. 

Dr. G wants to make sure you have the tools to create nutritious meals that also nourish your body. She has discovered that there are foods to avoid as we age (like vegetable oil) and foods to incorporate more of (like avocados). 

Together with Chef Cassandra Cotoia, they have curated a lovely bunch of menopause-friendly recipes for you to enjoy... 

So you can get back to living!

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We made it easier for you to have your next menopause-friendly meal

So you can prepare the dishes between 15-30 minutes

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