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Thriving In Any Circumstance (The Best of the Menopause Movement Podcast Episode 47)

I spend a lot of time with the women in the Menopause Movement and we talk a lot about belief, and how it shapes our reality.

My favorite story about belief is when my mother said something about her brothers who were doctors and that they were rich. My five-year-old self said, "I can't make money unless I'm a doctor."

Now when I look at how the universe works and everything I've done up until this point—all of the mistakes, the regrets, the joy—I realize that everything has brought me to this moment.

And even though I thought I missed my true calling which is what I'm doing now, this precious present moment where we are is all we have.

And I'm okay with that.

This helped me with the changes that's happening in menopause, because with the loss of estrogen, and going through all the symptoms like brain fog and sleepless nights...

I used to not know what to do and how to get myself back.

But there's a way to thrive in uncertain times and we're talking about that in today's The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast where I'm with Intuitive Business Coach, Dana Grant.

Dana's passion is to use her gifts to guide other humans into their power. She's a mother, a wife and co-founder of Cali'Flour Foods. In this episode, she gives you the tools to help you live a balanced and healthy life and she'll help you learn how to trust the process.

During the podcast we discuss Dana's menopause journey, how her core beliefs didn't match with her actions and what happened PLUS:

Simplification and what that means
How it's never too late to start over
Lessons in loss
Resistance and how it can hold us back

And stay to the end where Dana does an intuitive reading on me and helps me to see a few things differently.

Tune in today to start to see progress and where you need to be!

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What's Discussed in This Episode: 
Discussion Points:

[4:02] Dana's journey to becoming an intuitive coach
[11:38] Understanding simplification and how to get started
[13:37] Recommendations for self-care especially for busy people
[16:01] Practical things to do to calm one's self in this crisis
[19:05] Dana's menopause journey
[23:25] Rebuilding yourself even with the disruption of menopause
[27:30] What Dana does in intuitive coaching
[29:35] Becoming spiritual and experiencing true freedom
[34:48] Dana shares how the card she picked resonated with me
[38:47] What to expect when working with an intuitive coach
[41:45] Where you can find and connect with Dana
[42:59] Dana's quick intuitive reading of me

About the Guest:
Dana Grant is a certified Master Life Coach. She helps her clients dramatically pivot from fear to freedom and from self-loathing to self-love. According to her, transformation may take time but it's all worth it!
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