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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 114: Hacking Chemo

Cancer is difficult to diagnose.
We talk about self-breast exam, and how it's a part of our monthly health care, but one thing that we don't notice necessarily is what's happening in our bellies.
It can be because you may not have pain, and you may just think that there's a slight bulge on the top of your belly.
I didn't have cancer, but one day I was getting a massage, and the guy touched my belly.
And it felt weird. I was like, "This is strange. Why does it feel that way?"
And then I felt a mass in my belly (up to almost my sternum). It was a huge fibroid that I ended up having a uterine artery ablation.
I didn't notice it until it had filled my abdomen.
As women, sometimes we get to a point where we just numb out the pain that we experience in our bodies (example: menstrual pain).
But what if we start to pay attention to our body and what we eat?
I talk more about that in today's episode with registered dietician and low carb advocate, Martha Tettenborn. She's a certified primal health coach as well as a dietician and has over 30 years experience working in many areas of nutrition.
When Martha was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer, she began exploring the research of the disease and discovered the science of cancer metabolism. Being a cancer survivor since 2018, she's now inspired by her own journey and wants to help others see cancer differently.
During the podcast we talk about nutrition education in the 1980s PLUS:
• The history of Governmental Food Policy
• How Martha became an advocate for natural fats
• The solo trip that changed her life: Hiking Machu Picchu
• Martha's diagnosis of ovarian cancer and how it changed her
• The dangers of sugar especially for people with cancer
• The poison of seed oils and the inflammation they cause
And stay to the end to find out how to love yourself in any circumstance!
Remember: The most important relationship we have in life is the one we have with ourselves.
Tune in to this podcast to find strength, wisdom and more love for your body and life than ever before.
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Books and Documentaries mentioned in this episode:
• The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph https://amzn.to/2VJgN0R
• Hacking Chemo: Using Ketogenic Diet, Therapeutic Fasting and a Kickass Attitude to Power through Cancer Treatment https://amzn.to/3CI0z9b
What's Discussed in This Episode: 
[0:00] Introduction
[6:41] What Martha learned in her nutritional training
[8:01] Brief history of Governmental Food Policy
[10:41] How Martha became a renegade low carb dietician
[15:22] Ancestral eating and our current food supply
[17:32] The Inca Trail and how Martha's life has changed after doing it
[23:27] Being diagnosed with cancer
[29:53] Start to pay attention to your body
[32:48] Defining cachexia
[34:32] How to start eating now to support our metabolism
[39:15] Things Martha did to manage the setbacks she experienced in her life
[41:47] Choosing how to deal with the obstacles presented to us
[43:53] Cancer has a disordered metabolism and it can be affected by what you eat
[44:45] How Martha started her blog and wrote a book
[47:43] Martha shares these powerful insights to listeners
About the Guest:
Martha Tettenborn is a Registered Dietitian for 32 years, and she just recently added to that knowledge base by completing the Primal Health Coach Certification, an in-depth course that explores all the facets of a lifestyle based on Ancestral Health principles.
After decades of amazingly good health and smooth sailing, Martha's life was suddenly sidelined in the summer of 2018 by the presence of a large, fast-growing cyst in her abdomen. Despite no-one expecting it, it turned out to be cancerous – a Stage 1C2 high grade serous ovarian tumour.
This led her to do a deep dive into the research around cancer and nutrition where she discovered the metabolic nature of cancer and how the damaged metabolism of cancer cells can be used to weaken them. She then shares how our nutritional choices have an awesome power to influence the course of cancer treatment.
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