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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 015: Aligning Your Energy with Joy with Tina van Leuven

People rarely think of joy when it comes to business. Sometimes, they get caught up with "doing" rather than "being," and this preoccupation manifests in different areas of their lives. Through a healthy understanding of the essence of what you want to achieve, you can realign yourself and bring joy and freedom to your life. By manifesting this essence, you can break away from what's been holding you and your money flow back.

Today we are joined by mentor and bestselling author Tina van Leuven. Tina is dedicated to helping people align their energy with joy, freedom, and abundance to bring those values to their business and life. She is passionate about helping "soulpreneurs" to release themselves from lifelong limiting programming that's been sabotaging humanity for aeons.

Tune in and listen as Tina discusses energies and aligning them with the essence of what you want to create and who you want to be.

Let's go through a brief rundown of this episode:
(02:08) Energies and massage therapy: how Tina got started with her current journey

(07:43) Getting connected to a source

(12:41) What are "soulpreneurs?"

(13:59) How does essence manifest in work?

(15:04) People seek freedom to have fun, to lighten up.

(17:06) Aligning yourself with the essence of what you want and breaking that limited perspective

(21:42) Who is it that I am being?

(24:15) Understanding the good and negative emotions and the purpose of both.

(28:23) Women need to keep their spiritual or energetic battery charged during menopause.

(30:12) The Money Archetypes: money as a catalyst to realigning with yourself.

(35:07) Examining your money beliefs to counter money blocks

(38:36) To heal your relationship with money is to heal your relationship with the source

(39:19) Telling yourself stories as a way to survive during childhood trauma

(44:36) Learning to trust to overcome self-sabotage

(46:55) Creating an energetic blueprint for your client's business

(51:46) You need to remove fear, obligation, and guilt from your conditioning to achieve the essence of what you want.

(54:52) Ask yourself: How committed am I?
That's it for today's episode. I hope you learned a lot about the importance of directing your energies and intentions to a more joyful business and life. Hopefully, you can break free from the old practices that are limiting you.

Take the Money Archetype quiz to help yourself realign with your essence! For more insights, get in touch with Tina on her website. If you want to read her books, they are available on Amazon.

Follow me on Facebook at Dr Michelle Gordon.

Thanks a lot for tuning in, and see you in the next episode!

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