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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 012: Having A Safe Space To Talk About Menopause

The trip to Mallorca, Spain was truly a life-changing event. But in every adventure, we all have some great moments and some that are not so good. Join us in this episode of the Menopause Movement Podcast as we take a look at how far the journey has taken us.

We'll be having a glimpse at our best memories. We remember the joy of meeting each other, the unforgettable landmarks, and the thrill of exploring new cultures. Then, we'll also talk about the bumps we encountered while on the road and how we resolved those problems. Most importantly, we'll be reflecting on how the whole experience deepened our love for life, for each other, and ourselves.

We'll sit down with Mollie Macarthy Openshaw and Dr. Valerie Zarcone, two of the women who rode along the streets of Spain with the group. Mollie founded Mood Swings Wine in 2013, a wine company dedicated to creating the perfect drinks for menopausal women. Her drink is currently the exclusive wine served in shows at Menopause The Musical in Los Angeles. But more than that, she's also a dedicated nurse consultant who finds passion in making people's lives easier.

Dr. Val, on the other hand, is a board-certified internist and a primary care physician whose experience spans over 30 years. She has a deep passion for learning and is an advocate for healthy living and appropriate alternative and integrative therapies.

Let's go through a brief rundown of this episode:
(00:30) Mood Swings Wine—how the wine business started and how menopausal women inspired it

(03:36) Mollie's job as a nurse consultant, primary carer, and her passion for educating people

(05:58) Mallorca trip highlights and favorite moments

(06:56) Consulting a urogynecologist and getting treatment for Katia's bladder problems

(08:19) The accident that Mollie encountered while riding up the hill in Majorca

(11:00) Little misunderstandings and fights that the group had on the road

(11:28) Reminiscing about the paella with Antonio Hidalgo, his old farmhouse house, and the view

(12:47) What it felt like to meet with complete strangers and start the journey of a lifetime

(14:08) First night in Barcelona and taking in the architecture by Antonia Godway

(15:53) The joy of discovering different products in St. Joseph's Market

(17:41) Getting private lessons in the flamenco dance studio

(19:08) The takeaway from the journey

(22:30) Having a safe space to talk about menopause with other women

(23:35) The Menopause Workshop
This whole journey proved to us and all women around the world that your life doesn't stop at menopause. We learned at this age, there are still so many opportunities to grasp. Even during our menopausal years, we made friends, took up challenges, travelled to new places, and grew as a person. This means you can, too.

Thanks a lot for keeping us company during this whole experience. We hope you found some motivation and inspiration to go out and get more out of life.

For more help and guidance on healthy living in your menopause years, check my website.

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