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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 010: Alternative Wellness Options For Menopausal Women

Picking up from the latest adventure we had in Mallorca, we travel to our next destination in the beautiful country of Spain—Barcelona. We immersed ourselves in its striking landscape, excellent food, and rich culture. Listen as I talk about our time thus far in Barcelona, the current issues we delved into, and our discussion of having choices when it comes to our health.
Let's go through a brief rundown of this episode:
(0:57) Interview of locals and their opinion on the secession of Catalonia from Spain.
  • Discussion on the possibility of separating from Spain and re-entering the Eurozone.
(3:47) Interview with Sandra, a writer of the show, on the secession of Catalonia from Spain.
  • Catalonia is comprised of four provinces with Barcelona being the biggest and one of the cities which brings in the most money for the country.
(05:20) Tips for making your sangria.
(7:05) Interview with Sandra about Spanish tapas—what they are and how they're eaten.
(8:50) Importance of goal-setting, achieving goals within a certain timeline, and the value of always having something to look forward to.
(10:42) A tour of the interesting architecture in Barcelona, primarily the Sagrada Familia and works of renowned artist Gaudi.
(12:55) Tour of Gaudi's nature-inspired work, particularly houses, and other futuristic architecture on the streets of Barcelona.
(15:10) Interview about the history of Barcelona harbor.
(15:46) The group's experience with menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, vivid dreams, and intermittent sleep.
(17:40) Hot flushes are the number one complaint of menopausal women. Other symptoms of menopause include feeling hot all the time and sweating profusely.
(18:14) The value of patient compliance and the shift on how doctors are viewed
(19:03) There is a growing trend towards patient satisfaction, but satisfaction is subjective and isn't mutually exclusive with a patient's overall state of health.
(20:57) Interview with Gillian Schwartz on acupuncture as a way of alleviating symptoms.
When talking about health and wellness, some people need to be heard while others require you to read between the lines. With all the available options, it's essential to gather all the necessary details to provide the patient with the information they need to make the right choice for themselves.

While we may have varying opinions, being well-informed is an essential component in decision-making, whether it's about large-scale and pressing issues or something as personal as our wellbeing.

For further support and increasing awareness on your menopausal journey, head to our website where we share our own stories, tips, and treatment options. And don't forget to take this quiz to know your unique menopause slimming type to help you with planning your fitness goals.

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