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LYL PODCAST EPISODE 155: The Power Of Understanding Why Mindset Comes First

As I've gotten older, I've realized mindset truly is everything.

I spend a lot of time in my courses and programs helping people see things from a different perspective so that they can create change in their lives.

I even had one client say, "I would have paid five times as much to see this much change in my life."

I can change the way I look at just about anything if I'm willing to let go of what my ego wants and that's the harder part.

Shifting your mindset really is a spiritual journey.

There are two sides inside our emotional brain: the connected side, which is where positivity, our ability for clarity, and our sense of confidence are. Our power is all in that connected side.

On the other side of the brain is the disconnected side and that's where our fear, guilt, worry, and all of those things that suck our energy are.

That's where head trash lives.

Renie Cavallari says that the goal of life is to spend as much time as possible on the connected side.

And she shares how we can do that in today's episode of The Launch Your Life Podcast.

Renie is the CEO of Aspire and RCI Institute and she has been speaking around the globe to groups from 15 to 5000 for over 25 years. Her expertise is in transforming results through people.

She is a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association (NSA) and was named an "Outstanding Woman in Business" by Phoenix Business Journal. As a powerhouse business leader, Cavallari helps both small and large organizations achieve breakthrough results by thinking boldly and disrupting the status quo.

Tune in today and find out what Head Trash is, how it kills potential, and how to dump it in the moment.

About the Guest:
Renie Cavallari, CEO of Aspire and RCI Institute, is an organizational anthropologist, and has been speaking around the globe to groups from 15 to 5000 for over 25 years. Her dynamic, storytelling approach skips the fluff, and her impact is demonstrated by Aspire's 96% client retention. Her expertise is in transforming results through people. She goes way beyond inspiration as her humorous, and proven performance improvement strategies have been transforming teams for decades.

Renie's 6th book, HEADTRASH, The Leading Killer of Human Potential, is now available on Amazon.

Renie is a member of the prestigious National Speakers Association (NSA) and was named an "Outstanding Woman in Business" by Phoenix Business Journal and is recognized as a thought leader in the area of People Technology™, which focuses on changing human behavior to improve performance and quality of life.


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Books mentioned in this episode:

HEADTRASH: The Leading Killer of Human Potential
Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day

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Thank you for tuning in!

What's Discussed in This Episode:

[0:00] Intro
[2:25] Why shifting your mindset is a spiritual journey
[3:45] What Head Trash is and how it kills potential
[6:40] Staying connected versus disconnected
[9:41] Asking yourself shift questions when you're stuck
[14:48] Feeling the way you think and training the mind like a muscle
[19:26] 3 steps to take back control during a busy workday
[26:27] Putting a woman "in her place"
[30:17] Leadership being a behavior
[32:10] Accountability and responsibility
[38:55] The power of understanding why mindset comes first
[42:12] Being in compassion with ourselves
[44:33] How to dump your Head Trash in the moment
[51:45] The different kinds of performers
[56:10] Why being mediocre is okay

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