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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 140: Asking an Obesity Expert How to be Successful in Losing Weight (The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast Episode 94)

When I was in surgical residency we used to say, "You eat when you can; you sleep when you can."

I picked up this habit where I would just shovel food into my mouth as fast as I could, because we're supposed to eat on the fly.

I'm glad I don't have to do that anymore.

But here's something you might like to know:

Obesity is a hormonal disease.

And for women in menopause, putting on a bunch of extra weight can turn into a negative spiral.

If you're still unsure where I'm getting at, I'm saying it's not your fault if you can't shift the weight even if you've tried so many times.

But there are steps for you to take so you can manage hormonal weight gain in menopause.

In today's episode of The Best of The Menopause Movement Podcast, I'm with Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal who is a diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, and the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

His experience in India made him profoundly interested in the effects of nutrition on health and disease. He's researched metabolic syndrome, which is often the outcome of obesity during his MD in India.

During the podcast we talk about his struggle with obesity personally, how residency lifestyle can lead to obesity, and what he changed PLUS:

• What causes obesity and the role your environment plays in your weight
• Treatments for obesity
• Obesity as a disease state and not a problem of willpower
• The role medication plays in helping to manage weight
• Weight loss surgery
• What the food industry wants
And stay to the end to find out how to be successful in your own weight loss journey.
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What's Discussed in This Episode:
[0:00] Introduction and Offer
[3:25] What got Dr. Sabharwal into obesity medicine
[10:31] The cause of obesity
[12:03] What to do with obesity during menopause
[14:15] The role of medication in managing obesity
[15:16] Metabolic surgeries
[20:09] The fat gene
[22:55] General recommendation for those who want to manage weight
[24:09] Meal replacements, protein powders
[30:45] The role metabolism plays in weight loss
[31:31] Eating what you want while losing weight
About the Guest:
Dr. Avishkar Sabharwal, M.D., Dipl. ABOM, Dipl. ABLM has trained in Internal Medicine both in India and the US, and is board certified in Obesity Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. His focus area has always been lifestyle diseases, especially obesity. His experience in India made him profoundly interested in the effects of nutrition on health and disease. He researched metabolic syndrome, which is often the outcome of obesity, during his MD in India. Dr. Sabharwal is a member of the Obesity Medicine Association and also a member of the Lipid Association of India and has been a speaker at various webinars, highlighting the importance of recognizing obesity and metabolic syndrome in cardiovascular Health. He was also a member of the committee responsible for formulating the Lipid Association of India Expert Consensus Statement on Management of Dyslipidemia in Indians 2020: Part III.
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