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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 103: Ayurveda and Menopause

If you are like most women in menopause, your biggest symptoms are weight gain and sleep disruption.

"I'm not sleeping through the night. At times I wake up hot and sweaty. I look like I am 9 months pregnant and can't get the weight off."

"I'm 51, need a good night's sleep with no interruptions due to hot flushes. Getting fatter and fatter."

"My biggest disruption would be weight gain. I can't do what I used to and it depresses me. I can't sleep and it makes me anxious."

When the reality of struggling with these symptoms affects your overall health,things can start to feel out of control--especially when nothing seems to get you out of MENO-misery.

And then, when one thing works for someone else, do you find yourself comparing your situation to theirs, only to wonder why it doesn't work for you?

When it comes to tackling MENO-Misery, there is no one-size fits all answer. But you can discover the MENO-Mate way of living that is helping so many women make menopause the best time of their lives.

It starts with understanding one simple phrase:

You are unique.

And while you're suffering from weight gain and lack of sleep, others are riding the roller coaster of mood problems.

Others are finding it difficult to concentrate.

And many don't like themselves at all right now.

Every one of us is so unique, and what may work for them may not work for you.

It's the beauty of being human.

Now, overwhelmingly, the biggest complaint we hear from women is weight gain. And if we are going to overcome the MENO-Misery associated with weight as we age,

It's important for us to really evaluate our relationship with food.

My dad introduced me to potatoes when I was young.

He was cooking one day and I was sitting on the counter and he said, "Here try this."

It was just a raw potato with salt on it. And I was like, "yum!"

Emotionally, I have associated potatoes with my father and when I find myself craving potato chips, I usually am missing him.

It's harder now that he's passed on.

And it helped me to manage the grief of his death.

And even now, I recognize that chip cravings are the emotional yearnings of my teenage self.

But it helps to be aware, and I rarely eat chips now...

Food is not just food.

Ayurveda teaches this principle: no one part of us operates independently from one another.

And Ayurvedic medicine uses unique practices that are all about finding balance in your body.

It focuses on dietary improvements and simple habit changes for lasting improvement.

In this episode, we welcome Ayurvedic doctor and co-founder of the International Institute of Ayurveda, Victor Briere as we learn about a new perspective to health and wellness.

We talk about food cravings and what they mean PLUS:
• What is Ayurveda?
• The 3 types in Ayurveda
• The cause of disease
• Chinese medicine versus Ayurvedic medicine
• Menopause and Ayurveda
• The right and wrong ways to be vegan
• Causal factors for menopause
• The definition of sleep
• A routine to help you get a great night's sleep
• Meditation

It's all good to deal with symptoms.

We also want to help you get to the root cause...

Watch this episode and stay to the end to find out Victor's Top 3 Practical Tips to Start Creating Health Right Now!

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Books mentioned in this episode:

• Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor https://amzn.to/3uc6bTz
What's Discussed in This Episode: 
[0:00] Introduction & Offer

[3:15] What is Ayurvedic medicine?

[4:36] Types of Ayurveda

[6:33] Connection of imbalance and food cravings

[10:27] The role of animal protein in Ayurveda

[12:50] Psychological effects of sugar

[15:14] Distinguishing Ayurvedic doctors

[17:46] The three main things that cause disease

[23:02] Difference between Ayurveda and Chinese medicine

[26:39] Victor's journey to becoming an Ayurvedic doctor

[29:08] What Ayurveda say about menopause

[31:33] Right and wrong way to be a vegan

[35:07] Biggest factors that affect menopause

[38:02] Tips for addressing sleeping problems in menopause

[44:00] Using breath practice for self-control

[48:06] Practices you can do today for more health
About the Guest:
Victor Briere, Ayurvedic Doctor, is the co-founder of the International Institute of Ayurveda. Victor is a gifted pulse reader specializing in ayurvedic diagnostic techniques and health counseling. His in-depth, individualized approach to health offers clients and students a detailed and encompassing perspective on the underlying causes of imbalance. Victor's approach to wellness emphasizes the role and importance of lifestyle and dietary balance. He offers the support often needed to successfully address the root cause of illness and restore the body to health.
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