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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 097: The Balance Is In You with Dr. Wendy Leigh White

Have you been feeling a little off lately?

You might be going through menopause and it can be hard to talk about especially when you feel out of sorts during this time. The good news is, you are in a natural process that every woman goes through and there are things you can do to find balance in your life again.

And it doesn't have to be painful or uncomfortable.

Since it's a natural process, temporary fixes like synthetic hormones may help the symptoms for a while but if you've been feeling a little off lately because of hot flashes, mood swings, and poor sleep quality, your brilliant body might be telling you something and it's time to listen to it.

Remember: Some women deal with more symptoms than others. Some women deal with less, while some don't experience any.

As women go through menopause, we experience many changes that can affect our hormones and our body.

We talk about this in more detail in today's podcast with Dr. Wendy Leigh White, a practicing naturopathic doctor and nutritionist. She shares what the non-diet approach is and why moving towards health is what she advises her clients. Dr. Wendy Leigh also gives tips on getting restful sleep or getting back to sleep when insomnia strikes. We discuss the emotions tied to food and homeostasis.

We believe in living your best life possible, which means feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. Our goal is for you to have all of these things so you can enjoy your life more fully—the natural way. Tune in to this podcast today because you deserve it!
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What's Discussed in This Episode: 
[0:00] Introduction and Offer

[4:01] The difference between naturopathy and traditional medicine

[11:21] Trust the body's brilliance

[12:42] Move towards health instead

[13:57] Behavior change is difficult

[15:19] The non-diet approach from a non-diet doctor

[18:09] How our emotions are the beacon of our life

[18:51] Getting restful sleep or getting back to sleep when insomnia strikes

[26:59] Smoking

[29:55] Make minimally processed choices

[34:01] Mindset hacks

[34:20] It all goes back to the mindset

[36:18] Emotions tied to food

[38:35] Homeostasis

[42:42] Menopause doesn't have to be so disruptive

[44:11] The five naturopathic essentials
About the Guest:
Dr. Wendy Leigh White has been a practicing naturopathic doctor and nutritionist since 2008. A "nature cure" approach to prevention and healing empowers her patients to understand their bodies' interconnected systems and their specific needs and use food as medicine. In this way, they can learn to tune in to their bodies ' signals. Only then can they know what it needs to heal, to thrive.
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