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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 084: Adrenal Fatigue

Are you having a hard time sleeping? Are you experiencing sudden weight gain? Do you feel like you are always out of energy that you can't seem to manage putting one foot after the other? You consulted many doctors and went through numerous therapies but you're still not seeing any improvements to your well-being. While the above symptoms are similar to menopause there's a need to dig deep and check whether you're also experiencing adrenal fatigue due to continued chronic stress.

In this week's podcast episode, Dr. Sharzad Green joins me again to talk about adrenal fatigue. While we have talked about this in passing with my other podcasts with her, I find it important to address it in more detail today. We talk about what adrenal fatigue is and how stress contributes largely to it. We also discuss the difference between adrenal fatigue and adrenal insufficiency. We also tackle the importance of a lifestyle change and the steps to take in order to treat adrenal fatigue symptoms effectively.

There's a wealth of information you can get from listening to this episode, so tune in now.

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Books mentioned in this episode:

•  Adrenal fatigue the 21st century stress syndrome by Dr. James Wilson (Paid link: https://amzn.to/39IxHAa)

What's discussed in this Episode
[0:00] Introduction

[3:49] What is adrenal fatigue?

[5:36] Factors that contribute to adrenal fatigue

[8:19] Adrenal fatigue syndrome

[9:04] Difference of menopause and adrenal fatigue

[11:19] Dr. Green shares a case she dealt with

[13:35] Adrenal fatigue syndrome vs. adrenal insufficiency

[15:31] History of adrenal fatigue

[19:51] The link between insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue

[20:17] Steps to treating adrenal fatigue

[23:24] Supplements alone won't treat adrenal fatigue

[24:27] Pay attention to what your body and surroundings tells you

[26:45] The importance of talking to a medical expert

[29:33] Next steps to take

[31:05] Lifestyle change is crucial to address adrenal fatigue

[34:29] Supplements for adrenal fatigue

[38:36] Menopause and adrenal fatigue go hand-in-hand

[37:18] Checking for improvements in your symptoms

[41:18] Episode takeaways
About the Guest

Sharzad Green is a well-acknowledged figure in the industry. With over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare, she has helped more than 15,000 people overcome various health problems. She is passionate about women's physical and mental health, integrative medicine, and finding the best solutions for the health issues faced by people every day. She is the creator of FabuVag, a vaginal moisturizer that helps erase the dryness women feel when undergoing menopause.

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I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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