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TMM PODCAST EPISODE 039: How to Boost Your Immune System with Dr. Sharzad Green

The global health crisis due to the coronavirus has placed a huge emphasis on the need to take care of one's body. If we wish to be part of the solution, then we have to make sure that we are healthy. Other than observing proper hygiene like the washing of hands, social distancing, and staying at home, there is also a need to boost the immune system to make sure that this virus doesn't infect you and compromise your health.

Today's podcast episode with Dr. Sharzad Green is focused on the topic of boosting the immune system. We will talk about the immune system, tips on managing stress, the benefits of sleep in boosting the immune system, and what supplements to take to boost the immune system. Dr. Green's insights in today's podcast are especially helpful in a challenging time like this.

Anyone who is serious about taking the necessary measures to be healthy especially at a time like this should listen to this podcast. Let's support one another and I believe that we will see this through.

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What's Discussed In This Episode
[7:45] What is the immune system 

[8:59] Persons at risk if they contract the virus 

[14:37] Tips on how to manage stress 

[22:30] The importance of sleep to boost the immune system 

[24:41] The benefits of taking turmeric 

[30:41] The role of probiotics in boosting the immune system

[33:49] Fish oil benefits and recommended intake 

[34:39] Mushroom extracts 

[37:45] Other helpful supplements for boosting the immune system 

[39:51] Amanda's testimony of how The Menopause Movement changed her life
About the Guest:
With over 20 Years of experience in the area of pharmaceutical compounding, Dr. Sharzad Green has been a pioneer in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), sexual dysfunction, adrenal fatigue & nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Green is passionate about teaching other pharmacists and healthcare providers through individual or group courses. She started seeing patients for private self-paid consultations 20 years ago. Over 15,000 patients have benefited from her services. Dr. Green's teaching for other healthcare providers has been ongoing for 15 plus years.

She is passionate about physical and mental health, quality of life and integrative medicine. She is an entrepreneur and the creator of FabuVag® vaginal moisturizer. FabuVag® is all-natural, no RX required and formulated based on studies. DM her for wholesale pricing. At www.fabuvag.com

Connect with me on LinkedIn. For more podcast episodes, you may also visit my website. Tune in and subscribe to The Menopause Movement Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Thank you for tuning in!

If you have any questions, thoughts, or ideas, you can share them with me at [email protected]. You may also join our online community at Menopause Movement with Dr. Michelle Gordon.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast, and I hope you will take action to look and be your best self. Thanks for listening!

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