What Menopause
Slimming Type Are You?
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We are in the business of providing world-class transformational education to women who are suffering from the symptoms and effects of menopause while building a robust and supportive community that provides support long-term.
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Former Host and Executive Producer of the reality docu-drama Life.Matters with Dr. Michelle Gordon that aired on FYI. Seven women addressed aging while enjoying the adventure of a lifetime in Spain.
Board-Certified General Surgeon and founder of Gordon Surgical Group, a multi-specialty group practice in 2005. GSG serves the lower Hudson Valley of New York.
Co-Author of the Life.Matters Cookbook with Chef Cassandra Cotoia. Recipes for Living include low carbohydrate and paleo-inspired delicious meals that you can prepare at home.
What is included in the Bundle?
Menopause is more than just the end of our child-bearing years. Menopause is a journey—one for which many of us arrive unprepared and surprised.

In this book, Dr Michelle Gordon removes the veil of secrecy around menopause. She talks about the physiology, the psychology, and what it all means. She addresses many of the symptoms and possible treatments. And she also intersperses anecdotes and stories from real menopausal women... women just like you!

If you can't remember where that whatchamacallit is... If you feel like your face is on fire... If you go from wanting to kill someone to owning the world in minutes... Or if you feel like an alien has taken over your body...

This book is for you!
Why a cookbook? Food is part of everyday life!
No one can maintain a super-restrictive diet forever. In our world, we play hard and we eat well. The point is, we are living our lives. No one feels deprived or left out... and that's the point.

Chef Cotoia and I hope you'll enjoy these dishes which are not only delicious but practical. We want you to enjoy these recipes, play with them, and tell us what you think.
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21 Apr 2021
SUBSCRIBE: Omny | iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Overcast | Google Play | Youtube | Facebook | RSS | As women go through menopause, we experience many changes that can affect our hormones and our body. We talk about this in more detail in today’s podcast with Dr. Wendy Leigh White, a practicing naturopathic doctor and nutritionist. She shares what the non-diet approach is and why moving towards health is what she advises her clients. Dr. Wendy Leigh also gives tips on getting restful sleep or getting back to sleep when insomnia strikes. We discuss the emotions tied to food and homeostasis. We believe in living your best life possible, which means feeling good physically, mentally and emotionally. Our goal is for you to have all of these things so you can enjoy your life more fully—the natural way. Tune in to this podcast today because you deserve it!
14 Apr 2021
SUBSCRIBE: Omny | iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Overcast | Google Play | Youtube | Facebook | RSS | One of the major causes of MENO-Misery is weight gain. We have surveyed tens of thousands of women about menopause and overwhelmingly, the biggest struggle is menopause weight. Making the decision to change is the first step. However, taking the action that keeps you going can sometimes be overwhelming and complicated. In fact, we can even quit before we start! I know I have! Willpower is unreliable and there’s a lot of confusing information about what we should eat and how much exercise we need. And many times our self-esteem and negative self-talk get in the way. That’s where this guest comes in. Greg Cormier is a behavior change specialist and transformation coach specializing in weight loss for women. Greg simplifies the weight loss journey, and makes it easy to stick with a program that leads to success, even for women who have tried everything or have never had success in the past. Many of those Greg works with see changes in their bodies in just a short time, without restrictive diets or counting calories. During this episode, we discuss how to stay motivated when trying to change our habits, the role community plays in success and why people are so drawn to challenges when it comes to creating successful change in their lives. Greg also shares real-life examples of women who have found success in a 28-day challenge that he facilitates. If you feel hopeless about managing your weight - this episode will give you a lifeline. Watch it and gain the inspiration you need to kickstart your weight loss journey now.
7 Apr 2021
SUBSCRIBE: Omny | iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | Overcast | Google Play | Youtube | Facebook | RSS | Good nutrition involves good food. Our health and well-being have a lot to do with what we eat, and contrary to what most medical institutions say, fat is not our enemy. Science and sound research show that it is key to improving our metabolic health leading to a long and healthy life. I am so excited to share this interview with Dr. Cate Shanahan. Her book, Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food, has been life-changing for me and my students. When I applied a few simple tweaks based on her recommendations, I started to feel better and more healthy. In this podcast episode, Dr. Cate Shanahan shares the dangers of seed oils and their history. We also talk about how saturated fat got labeled as ‘bad’. We also talk about insulin resistance and the role that nutrition plays in migraines. There is a lot to this episode you shouldn’t miss. Check it out today!
What Menopause Slimming Type Are You?
Take the FREE 60 second quiz to find out!
When you take the quiz, you'll get a free report that outlines your type based on your habits and unique situation.
​Michelle E. Gordon, D.O., FACOS, FACS
Board Certified General Surgeon | Founder, The Menopause Movement.

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